Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand. A Return on Investment calculator is located in the MPX Resources section to help you determine your potential business profits. It even allows users to remove backgrounds and rotate text and images. Materials The MPX permanently imprints text and images into acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver, platinum and metallic stickers. Attention to detail is given the highest priority. Metaza Driver for Windows XP bit v1. No other program is needed.

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Roland’s international ISO certification is your quality assurance. People also viewed Impact Weighers.

Impact Printer | Roland Metaza MPX 70

And there’s no waste, as the MPX removes no material. BizTools Fathers Day Poster. The cartridge contains nine tips and automatically switches to a new one when it is needed. Headlight manufacturer races to market with help of Objet 3D Printer. To navigate to your regional website, please use our region selector.

Metaza Driver for Windows XP bit v1. It comes complete with software, an operation DVD and a published, technical support policy. Allambie Grove Business Park, Unit 14, Modelling firm enhances competitiveness with 3D printer. This smart business guide shows you how to make it happen!


Impact Printer | Roland Metaza MPX 70

Includes screen shot and step-by-step workflow. Metaza Impact Technology The MPX Metaza Impact Printer permanently imprints digital images into hard acrylic and metal surfaces, including aluminium, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver and platinum.

Increase time and work efficiency with label printer mobility. Once up and running, photographers and retailers can begin imprinting in just three steps. The following download provides the software templates for the most common pendants from EIM Image. Layout and edit your graphics. The MPX is compact and fully enclosed. The MPX is a complete solution that comes with everything required to start and run a successful business.

Metaza Driver for Windows 8 bit v1. Metaza Driver for Windows v1.

Metaza MPX-70 Impact Printer

What makes the ideal thermal label printer for transport and logistics. It’s a new desktop device that allows retail photo shops eoland professional photography studios to offer customers a wide range of personalized giftware! Sample is based on the 30 x 49 dogtag pendant. Gold, silver, copper, platinum, brass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, etc. Contact supplier for specifications here. Buying a thermal label printer. Metaxa even allows users to remove backgrounds and rotate text and images.


The cartridge rolanv nine tips and automatically switches to a new one when it is needed. If using other manufacturers’ materials, you may need to modofy the frames to fit your templates.

The desktop device uses a carbide-tipped stylus to strike the surface with high speed and precision. Silicone Rubber Tape 3M Scotch Unidirectional printing or bidirectional printing Selectable with Windows driver. Import an image via scanner or digital camera.

Keeping the adhesive sheet clean will prevent lines caused by movement of materials during impacting.