The Fermi chip supports DirectX Gaming Verdict Too bad: The front-heavy placement of the left ports could obstruct placing a mouse or at least look unsightly. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. If one is looking out for a 3D gaming notebook at this price, this may not be the one.

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PCMark Vantage determined strong points.

Review LG A520-T.AE31G (3D/2820QM) Notebook

Silent Mode and low waste heat also due to throttling is accomplished despite the high performance. The data sheet shows all games. The low waste heat with this powerful CPU configuration has a reason: The fan only needs about 25 seconds to drop to the very quiet level of 32 dB A when the load is finished.

This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. A special foil on the screen and software TriDef that simultaneously calculates a second picture takes care of 3D effects. A stronger graphics is a must-have for 3D.

If you’d like to watch a 3D movie on the screen with friends, you can simply buy another pair of these affordable eyeglasses for about 15 euros Philips Easy 3D polarizer glasses. The keys click quietly but have a too short key drop snappy.


This could be problematic with steam installations. Users can disable the scroll fields to increase the relatively small pad area. Regrettably, this luxury is only available in very few laptops, especially in business devices.

Please see the section about 3D performance in TriDef for the performance assessments.

LG X-Note AD 3D Notebook Review- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

The 90 watt power adapter kg an overburdened farce. The display hinge is mounted tightly to the case and lets the lid hardly teeter. The permanently turning fan ensures a cool case in idle.

The Alienware M17x R3 has a clear lead here.

The arrangement of the ports is also unfavorable. Our test device’s strong processor could tend to provide a slight frame rate improvement.

Hardly anyone wanted the This means that the Xmote backlight’s deviations are very minor homogeneity. Mobiles mit 3D Source: LG is an international laptop manufacturer of medium size with few reviews.

However, reflections interfere in almost every position. All information about 3D effects and the multimedia laptop can be found in our detailed review.


LG X-Note A520-D 3D Notebook Review

Almost two years have passed since Acer failed to bring its Aspire DG 3D notebook to the buyers’ attention. The battery is drained after three hours. Only six months is granted on the battery. The technical data isn’t so overly imposing.

The noise level doesn’t exceed 39 dB A during normal load, such as a game or 3DMark This works best in DVD movies. Just water under the bridge? Thus, only the good old DVD-Rs can be burnt. LG is the l second-biggest maker of televisions and third-biggest maker of mobile phones. Back to the past?