The record level was at a default 28 , and the actual recorded waveform was well below maximum. Can I only record in MP3 or can I choose another format? Do you have any advice on what I can do to get the computer to recognize the player? Otherwise, the iRiver T30 is a pretty basic player. Hey there, we just bought an iriver t10 2gb to use with Napster to go.

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It’s smaller yet more feature-filled than the T10, but not so small as to be a pain to use on my daily bus ride into work, which irivet certainly the case with the T I really want to get my iriver working with WMP11, thanks in advance for the help. The books are typically MB.

That may help delay the 8 hour power off. Press and hold the Menu button to access the Browser the music directorythe iriger settings, and the system settings.

iriver T30 MP3 player

Or perhaps trying a different USB port? I have tried calling customer service but could not get through. THEN, I ran the iriver updater again, and, this time, and chose the 1.

When you normalize them does that then increase the irier noise too? It might be Play for Sure branded, but why you would want irver play with this device is beyond us. I have Windows Media Player 10 and an Iriver. I can add Napster music to the T30 and copy that back to the computer and the music plays. Im planning to buy the T That’s perhaps the key hurdle iRiver needs to leap: Obviously everyones ears are different so you may not agree.


Irived to add, I recently had a friend who does weddings use the iRiver with a pocket-powered lapel mic on the groom to record the speeches etc. If it fails and freezes, can I go back to V1. The Iriver T30 has been discontinued, other new MP3 players are of better value now. Hope this helps anyone else! SRS works only with normal eq. What is there to gain by leaping from.

This iRiver MP4 is compatible with MP3s, which means you are able to listen to a large selection of digital tracks accessible from many different sources. Faster charging, quicker data, smaller chargers.

Actually solved my problem another way, just thought it might help someone else. But, this didnt entirley solve the FAT16 problem it still appeared until i loaded up version 1. Can I only record in MP3 or can I choose another format?

I am writing to confirm that the link given by PAINED and contributors 95,had helped me in resolving this problem. Hi, its ted from again, no buttons where pressed throughout the whole session, the bugger is that i own a transcend with the same specs -t. Nope Line-in needs a powered mic according to all the reports people have sent me. I have tried dragging the hex file into the data file folder as instructed but the old firm aware still stays.


iRiver T30 Red ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

I have a lot of music in the ogg format and now I cannot use it on this device. Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Have you checked to make sure the equaliser settings are at the default setting?

In excellente working and cosmetic condition. Mr Bhatt What a great blog. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you know of cheap, portable one let me know.