Touchpad The touchpad is well separated from the wrist rests, as it is encased by a small, silver plastic frame on the one side and on the other has a smooth surface that contrasts well with the roughened wrist rests. Make sure to buy your groceries and daily needs Buy Now. However, it should be sufficient for old classic games from the time of StarCraft or Baldur’s Gate. The case tray is manufactured of the same plastic, merely the plastic on the front, where the panel on which the audio outputs and the hardware switches for Bluetooth and WLAN have been placed, looks like brushed aluminum. Despite the basically good consumption data, the fairly small battery only has mediocre battery runtimes:

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The DPC Latency Checker tool reached into the red area a few times so that problems with external devices can’t be excluded.

The keyboard is, as Sony has already done it, slightly submerged in comparison to the wrist rests and loudspeaker cover.

That the notebook somehow manages to drain the battery in about the same time no matter if you’re not doing anything or computing a 3D graphic Unoccupied acfr are simply veiled with a plastic cover.

Acer Extensa z-MS | Souq – UAE

Acer Extensa E, with courtesy of: Aside from that, there are also numerous practical hot keys A more established distribution such as openSuse or Ubuntu would have been much more customer-friendly.


The Acer Extensa E is basically aimed at price-wise consumers and business people.

However, those who would like to work with the preinstalled Linux should consider that it has problems with a few internet sites and that there aren’t drivers for all hardware devices available. The power button and the touchpad bezel is also made of silver plastic.

The notebook always feels compact and can also be picked up at one corner without creaking or yielding. Both scer below the touchpad respond well to inputs everywhere and acknowledge every key stroke with a loud click noise. When this review is published, the device will also be available with Windows 7 Home Premium. As already said, we didn’t need to do this.

Acer Extensa review – Engadget

There wasn’t a webcam integrated into our prototype. Free Shipping All orders of You receive free shipping if your order includes at least AED of eligible items. What we also missed was a cardreader. This will please those who have an operating system at home or want to try out an alternative. The workmanship obviously hasn’t suffered under the price pressure: But the performance values of the Extensa E aren’t so bad after all: Particularly, when longer documents are edited or web sites are looked at: Overview Specs Write a Review.

Opening can also be executed single-handedly because the hinges don’t show much resistance and the laptop is heavy enough. As already mentioned, the Extensa EG16Mn doesn’t have any overwhelming connections, but it does have a few surprises:.

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It would naturally be even better if the notebook wouldn’t use any electricity. Volume and display brightness are controlled with the Fn-key in combination with the arrow keys; aside from that there are a few rather unusual, but quite practical key combinations: The missing LED backlight is quite a bit more displeasing. The 32 bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium was included in our prototype package. Loudspeakers The stereo loudspeakers have been placed above the keyboard in the Extensa E and hidden under a plastic cover in a metal optic.

It sits tight in the case and doesn’t deflect anywhere but the single keys are relatively loose and wobble back and forth now and again.

Acer Extensa 5630

Acer has also built a somewhat higher clocked Intel Celeron M into the prototype: But – how much notebook do you actually get for this low price? All keys are sufficiently large and are placed there where they belong.

By the way, the screen is brightness in the center with