After swapping the small battery compartment door with the other camera, everything worked fine, including the flash. The flag indicates the correct apearture for fill flash. This humble camera seems to pack quite a punch. A teenage fascination with photography faded and was only rekindled many years later in the era of auto everything, plastic film cameras. The flash is incredibly bright — perhaps a bit too bright, leaving the partygoers blinded for minutes after their photo was taken. I still get confused when all that information fails to show up in Lightroom. About half a stop under exposed then.

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The flash koniva incredibly bright — perhaps a bit too bright, leaving the partygoers blinded for minutes after their photo was taken. The Konica C35 EF is dealt with in another article.

The following morning the shutter still seemed to be working properly. So when the camera arrived I was all ready to go.

Learn how your oonica data is processed. Time passed and my enthusiasm passed with it, only rekindled much later in the era of the plastic, auto- everything camera.

Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance! Featuring auto exposure, this 35 mm rangefinder film camera allows you to capture konia quality photographs with ease under varying light conditions.


Konica C35 – Matt’s Classic Cameras

Worryingly, I had the distinct impression that the shutter had started sticking again when closing. Reply Olli Thomson November 11, at 5: That it has to be of a certain thickness to accommodate a film canister also contributes to this comfortable feel. I just bought one of these, resealed it and put in a new battery. The 38mm lens gives a good wide angle in those close in areas.

I was a frustrated teenage photographer, unable to afford the cameras that I saw in the window of Jessops in Belfast and in the pages of Amateur Photographer that I browsed — and occasionally bought — in the newsagents. The c53 indicates the koniica apearture for fill flash. As part of my research I had downloaded and read manuals for all of the cameras I was interested in, including three versions of the Konica C35 manual.

I made the switch to digital in konnica currently own a Fuji X-E2. I noted that on auto the attached flash in this case a Konica X fired only when the subject was out of range of the komica metering. For me, this is a camera to set on auto konjca leave there.

Last year, though, I finally realised my teenage dream and acquired a very nice Nikon FM2n, rapidly followed by an equally nice F3 and a set of Nikkor primes. Additional Product Features Film Type. Retrieved from ” http: ASA range is from 25 to Konica Rangefinder Film Cameras.


Konica C35 Rangefinder – Vintage Camera Review

It’s especially easy to use for fill flash such as backlit subjects. Reply Angelo September 9, at 9: I did this despite having a handful of SR44 cells lying around because I had read that using the latter, slightly more powerful, battery would affect the accuracy of the metering leading to underexposure. It was an outstanding sales success throughout the world. About half a stop under exposed then.

Started using this because my Lomo LC-A broke. On the base is a film rewind release button, a tripod socket and a battery chamber.

Available in our Shop. They are fun little cameras and they are often relatively cheap. And yes, the lens is nice and sharp – definitely not a toy camera and it’s easy to find for only a few quid. Lomographer henryohead reveals his secret as to how he draws illustrations by superimposing images together.