Page Make sure the connection between each output expander or the connection between the output expander and the printer is secure. The higher the setting, the darker the print. Flash memory up to 64 MB is supported using the flash memory cards. Clearing Jams To resolve the paper jam messages, you must clear the entire paper path and then press resume printing. Turn the printer off. Print quality The resolutions of the Infoprint Express are:

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Ricoh InfoPrint 1532 User Manual

The user can easily select the file, choose the number of copies to be printed and submit the file for printing. Align and reinstall the print cartridge. Discard the entire sheet. Terms and conditions Volume orders: Page 60 unsatisfactory 69 weight 69 paper tray adjustment 44, 45 paper unacceptable 69 pick rollers 77 entering at the printer 41 entering from the driver 40 for confidential jobs 40 Power Saver, adjusting 96 print cartridge ordering 76 print media Guides in the selected tray are not set to the appropriate position for the size paper infopront.

Infoprint Printer (MT )

Serial Printing With serial printing, data is transferred one bit at a time. Do not fold or crease the print media.

Print quality The resolutions of the Infoprint Express are: Lift the envelope weight. Install a custom PPD file. Printter wireless Ethernet is supported through the wired Ethernet port. For information about the print cartridges available for the printer, contact the place where you bought the printer.


Understanding Jam Messages Paper jams can occur in three areas: Page IPSec 98 Simple Network Management Protocol 98 using secure Embedded Web Server 98 Sending a job to print 36 side guide 44, 45 Simple Network Management Protocol, security 98 standard tray 7 staple and offset unit replacing staples 77 staple cartridge, replacing 77 StapleSmart replacing staples 77 stapling, maximum number The job is held in memory until you delete it from the Held Jobs menu.

Card Stock Labels The printer can print on paper labels designed for use with laser printers. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Installing drivers for network printing Replacing the shield After you have installed options on the pdinter system board, follow these steps to reattach the shield and close the doors. Laser advisory label A laser notice label infoprnt be affixed to this printer.


Option cards are easily damaged by static electricity. Reserve Print jobs may be deleted if the printer requires extra memory to process additional held jobs.

A list of print jobs appears in the printer window. IBM will install them if the printer is under warranty or a maintenance agreement.


In addition, the Enhance Fine Lines and Gray Correction options can be enabled to improve print quality. If you only have one prihter option, you may only have one rear door.

InfoPrint 1532 – printer – monochrome – laser

Use the metal tab to lift the staple guard, and then pull out the sheet of staples. A system password is also required for Secure mode and confidential communication with MVP.

Setting parameters in the communications COM port After the printer driver is installed, set the serial parameters in the communications port assigned to the printer driver. If Ready Hex appears on the display, you must exit Hex Trace mode before you can print your job.


The printer cable is securely attached to the printer and the host computer, print server, option, or other network device. Loading The Envelope Feeder Warning: The printer must stay upright throughout the shipment. The sheet duplex unit offers two-sided printing for the Infoprint Express.

They are the responsibility of the customer and are not covered by product warranty or post-warranty services.